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February 7th - 25th 2012

February 29th - It doesn't take too much to make me happy! 

March 10th - A Banner Day

May 9th 2012 (below)

I set off on the 74 California for a nice little ride along the St. Lawrence River under the pretext of work.  After running beautifully - apart from a reluctance to drop revs quickly on closed throttle - it suddenly dropped on to one cylinder.  Checked plugs, leads, distributor - all the obvious stuff.  Then I noticed that the left hand carb wasn't opening.  The darn cable had broken at the twist grip, and the second cable (Mikunis on this bike) was frayed and hanging together by a thread.  If I'd been in the backwoods, I would have rigged something together to allow me to get along somehow - but since I had a phone and CAA (Canadian Automobile Assoc.) card in my wallet, I took the path of least resistance.  But oh the ignominy of returning home in a tow truck......


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